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Intern Gavin Scroggin heads back to ISU

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

By Crystal Leto

On Thursday, July 20, we got together to thank Intern Gavin Scroggin for all his hard work and wish him well as he headed back to college. 

A generous, intelligent, hardworking guy – it’s been a pleasure to work with him every day! A junior studying Construction Engineering at Iowa State University, Gavin joined Neumann Brothers, Inc. in January and dedicated most of his time to the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters (NCSRCC) new Training Center project in Altoona. He will continue his internship working on the NCSRCC Training Center on a part-time basis.

Gavin was pleasantly surprised that – rather than simply a lot of paperwork he was given “the responsibility and opportunity to become a big part of the Carpenters Regional Training Center and be on site to watch the center grow.” Not only did he enthusiastically take on the responsibilities he was given – he found time between his internship work and college coursework to make a difference in the lives of others first in Charleston, South Carolina then in Bristol, TN.

“Working with Gavin this past summer was refreshing. Although this young man is only 19 years old, his knowledge of construction far exceeds his age,” Project Manager Berry Reeves said. “Add to this his technical ability with software and electronic information systems – he produces great results accurately and quickly. Gavin will have many good years doing what he seems to enjoy most: coordinating and overseeing construction. I wish this future manager [a family guy who’s active in the community] the best,” he continued.

He worked closely with Project Foreman Lance Howard who said Gavin’s “motivation to learn and willingness to do what needs to be done made him a good hand in the field. He is leaps and bounds ahead of others his age.” He went on to say “He’s not lazy! He works hard, he’s smart and he’s really good at what he does.”

Gavin’s contributions in the field, office and community have been outstanding.  Project Superintendent Tom Moore said Gavin is “hardworking, likable and smart.” “Gavin has great construction experience for a student of his age. He’s self-driven, motivated to serve the field and when issues come up he gets them resolved,” Chad Bunner, Senior Vice President added.

We’ve all been impressed by Gavin’s professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment and appreciate all of his hard work. Gavin took the time to answer a few questions about his experience so far interning with us, read on and join us in wishing Gavin well in his junior year at ISU!

Q: Why did you want to intern with Neumann Brothers?

A: I wanted to intern with Neumann Brothers because of the history of the company, the magnitude of projects in the Des Moines area, and the opportunity to be on a Co-Op internship, compared to only a summer internship.

Q: What goals/objectives did you have for the internship? Were they met? Why or why not?

A: My goals were a) to learn as much as I could and b) to help out on my project as much as possible. I believe they were met through the responsibilities Berry, Tom and Lance gave to me, and the process of being on one project for the summer.

Q: What has been the most challenging? Have you gained any unexpected skills/experience?

A: The most challenging part of working on the Carpenters Training Center project was learning areas of construction I’m not familiar with. I’ve framed for the last 3 years and, thanks to the hands on experience with this project, I was forced to learn about footings, steel connections, etc. These are all classes I will be taking at Iowa State but hadn’t gotten to yet. Now I’ll be ahead of the learning curve and can apply this knowledge to my coursework!

Q: A specific accomplishment/project you’re especially proud of?

A: I’m proud of successfully running the Bluebeam studio for the project. I learned the system from Sean [Sample] in the office and used it to help Neumann and subs communicate changes, dimensions, etc. on the Carpenters Training Center project.

Q: What have you liked most about working here?

A: I liked being given so much responsibility on a project.

Q: Any tips/advice for future Neumann interns?

A: Get involved and learn as much as you can during your time there.