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Internal competition to serve thousands

Thursday, August 31, 2017

By: Ashley Albaugh

High viz gear isn’t only for safety on our jobsites – it’s also required for fighting hunger! On August 30th 10 of our office employees spent two hours packaging meals for delivery to  malnourished people around the world, including people right here in Iowa. 

Each package can provide a family of six a nutrient rich meal. Packages include soy protein, vitamins, dried vegetables and grains and each cost less than $1.50 to package (according to their website). Volunteers set up an assembly line to measure and weigh each ingredient and seal the package closed. Packages are then placed in boxes, with each box holding 36 packages. 

Above: You can't miss this team! (L-R: Bill Kunsman, Sean Sample, Tami Wingert, Matthew James, Amy Kapler, Dan Olson, John Maletta, Lance Evans, Ted Brackett & Jeremy Alden)

During their two hour shift the NBI team packaged a record breaking (at least at the time their shift ended) 50 boxes – beating the previous record by 8 full boxes! That means that in less time than it takes to finish the last two episodes of “Game of Thrones” or drive from Des Moines to Omaha – this team filled 1,800 packages! That’s 10,800 people that will have a nutritious meal to eat!

They returned to the office late in the afternoon energized (despite their sore feet) – everyone laughing and sharing their thoughts on the recent experience. 

Above: Team work, fun and a great attitude = 50 boxes packaged!

“Before we even got started Tami [Wingert] announced that we were going for 50 boxes” said Project Coordinator Amy Kapler. 

“I didn’t think we were going to make it,” commented Project Administrator Matthew James. “We still had 6 boxes to fill and maybe 5 or 10 minutes left to fill them!”

Above: These 10 worked together for 2 straight hours to help feed individuals around the world!

“I’m competitive so we were going for 50 whether they wanted to or not!” said Tami, V.P. of Finance giggling. “We got in a good rhythm with everyone playing their part perfectly – I knew we’d make it, we had a great team!”

Kudos to our bright, competitive team and all the other volunteers and organizers of Meals from the Heartland. To learn more about Meals from the Heartland and learn about ways you can help visit their website mealsfromtheheartland.org