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I have lost a mentor; we have lost a true gentleman.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Arthur Wittmack is currently sailing the "great loop". He took time from his trip to reflect on the life of his friend, colleague and mentor. Below is a post from his blog in which he remembers Tom.

Time on “The Loop” is special.  It breaks life’s everyday patterns.  Things seem simpler.  There is little to separate you from the winds and water. You have time to reflect each day as the sun rises and sets.

Saturday morning brought the sad news that my associate and friend, Tom Walter, died after a long, courageous struggle with cancer.  I have been thinking about Tom, his wife Earleen, and daughters Jessica and Stephanie each day since.

Although my junior in age and corporate rank, Tom was my mentor.  He was a wise, steady, kind person.  He sought the positive, avoided the negative. Tom could be firm when necessary, but what I will always remember will be his smile, the warm look in his eyes and his firm hand handshake.  I’ll remember the love he had for Earleen and his “girls.”  I’ll remember his dedication to Neumann Brothers and every one of its clients, and employees.

Tom was not the center of his life; others were.  

I have learned much from Tom.  I have lost a mentor; the world has lost a true gentleman!

C. Arthur Wittmack