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Employees Make a Splash with United Way Campaign

Friday, October 19, 2018

Throughout the year our people step up for our communities in big and small ways and our annual United Way of Central Iowa fundraising campaign is just one of our many community outreach efforts. We are proud to do what we can to support the organization’s goals.

Above: Employees watch Chad take a few shots at dunking Rodney.

Each fall, employees, if they choose to contribute, have the opportunity to pledge a certain monthly amount or give a one-time donation to United Way. United Way then distributes our donations to various programs in central Iowa whose missions are to better our communities in the areas of health, education and income. 

Above: Speakers from United Way and Big Brothers, Big Sisters shared their experiences.

We share United Way’s goals, successes and mission throughout each campaign. In the past we’ve invited United Way representatives to tell their personal success stories, share videos and provided handouts and information to everyone. We’ve worked to make the annual fundraiser fun as well to raise additional money with games, baked goods sales and competitions. 

Above: Rodney & Chad square off.

This year we did things a little differently. We held a single event on October 4th at our warehouse for all employees to inform them of United Way’s work, provide them with the chance to financially contribute/pledge, and celebrate Construction Week 2018 all in one, fun afternoon event. 

Above: Chad was king of style as he prepared to heckle the throwers.

United Way representative, Jaclyn Wulfekuhle, joined us and brought along Renee Hardman, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa, one of the community programs that receives funding from United Way. 

Above: Not only did Rodney sit in the dunk tank, he also filled it!

Both spoke of the impact campaigns like ours have on these community programs. Renee noted that our dollars allow Big Brothers Big Sisters to pair young children with adults who then spend time together in a positive environment. These mentorship style relationships often help the kids flourish, learn and grow and improve the graduation rate in central Iowa. Renee shared her personal experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters, including over 20 years with the organization and personally paying for her first “little sister’s” four-year college tuition – the same girl who is now volunteering her own time as a Big Sister. It was a moving and inspirational story that proved the impact United Way has on our communities.

Above: Mark Thompson was drawn first and was the first to go 0 for 3.

Next – we hit the dunk tank (literally)!

Above: Brady Goreth was the first of the field crew to take a few shots - to no avail.

To get our employees jazzed about participating, we offered them the once in a lifetime opportunity to take a shot (or 3) at dunking either Senior Vice President Chad Bunner, or Operating Engineer Superintendent Rodney Gallant. Each person who filled out their donation forms and returned them that day were entered into a drawing to hit the target and send Chad or Rodney plunging into the water. We decided to sell 3 throws for $5 just to up the ante. 

Above: Joani cheated and pressed the button - she looked pretty pleased with herself.

With Chad on the seat, throwers were subjected to hilarious taunts (that he had written down and laminated prior to the event) – which by and large worked out better for Chad than the throwers. It appears we are terrible shots around here. Rodney and Chad only ended up in the water when someone walked up and hit the button (we’re pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work – but it was funny, so…)

Above: The new guys save the day! Connor Johnson sent Chad swimming!

Toward the end of the event, a few of our newest co-workers were able to get off a luck shot or two to redeem the rest of us (thanks again for that Gavin, Connor and Pierce). 

Above: Intern Pierce Gelhaus also scored a direct hit!

In addition to the dunk tank fun, we sold raffle tickets for Iowa State football tickets, gift cards and a 55-inch smart TV.

Above: Rodney and Chad once again showed off their impeccable style after taking their turns in the dunk tank.

In the end, we are very pleased that we not only surpassed the funds raised by Neumann Brothers in 2017 but we met our personal goal for 2018!