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How the Contractors Stole Christmas

Thursday, November 29, 2018

By: Ashley Albaugh

Farm Bureau is hosting an interoffice Christmas tree decorating contest. When you walk into their main atrium you can wander through a row of ten festive and creative trees decorated by various departments. One tree showcases the major events of 2018, while another is decorated with favorite childhood games and toys and one is a holiday sized Monopoly  game. Our crews working on the upper floor watched yesterday as the hallway filled with trees – bolstering the mood of everyone passing the lookout.

Above: You can't have a Christmas tree without presents!

Then things got interesting. It’s unclear exactly who dropped the gauntlet, but somehow a secondary contest opened up between Farm Bureau Financial’s Building and Ground Facilities team and the Neumann crew which ended with the construction team and the facilities team entering the final two trees in the contest. 

Above: Shane Foreman, Jacob Farrell (MMC Contractors) & Scott Richeal - the design and construction team for the display.

After the work day ended, Superintendent Scott Richeal, Foreman Shane Foreman and MMC Contractor’s Jacob Farrell got to work on their epic tree. There was shopping, there was painting, there was ceiling wire and hot glue guns. They wrapped presents and built mountains. They used ribbons and boxes and bows! Six hours later (11:30 pm) they made their way home and it can be said that their hearts (and competitive nature) grew three sizes that day.

Above: To enter a tree decorating contest, one must first have a tree.

Above: To have a Grinch themed display - make a Grinch - which Scott did!

Above: The GRINCH!

Now, at the end of the tree row two trees face off. One tree stands as a testament to the hard working team and their day to day work. The Facility team’s tree honors them showing off the tools of their job with a smiling, happy, hardworking man. Across the way stands the Neumann – MMC tree a shocking show of skill and holiday spirit. We still don’t know what came over Scott, Shane and Jacob but we must say we’re impressed – their “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” inspired display is a fun showstopper that had everyone talking.

Above: Farm Bureau Financial Building & Grounds Facility Team Tree!

Above: Neumann-MMC Contractor's ode to "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

We love that everyone on that job is feeling so festive. The tree contest within the tree contest is a great show of camaraderie that shows how well our construction team works with the Owner and their employees who are affected by the construction in their occupied facility. Great job to both teams – your trees are wonderful! Thank you to Farm Bureau for allowing our team to participate in your holiday event!

Above: View from the side - the Grinch is stealing the tree!

Above: The Grinch - he's a mean one!

Above: Their details were impressive!

Above: They added a tree extension and then used ceiling wire to create the curve.

Above: Mt. Crumpet was built with plywood, paint and wall texture. Then the movie plays on a loop!

Above: Shane, Jacob and Scott with their full display!