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EMC Insurance Companies Selects Neumann Brothers as Construction Contractor

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DES MOINES, Iowa — EMC Insurance Companies (EMC) selected Neumann Brothers to provide preconstruction and construction services for the new EMC office building at the corner of Eighth and Walnut Streets in downtown Des Moines.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Neumann Brothers and are pleased to be working with them again,” says Robert L. Link, CAM, CM, senior vice president/administration and corporate secretary for EMC. “Neumann was the contractor for our signature high-rise building at 700 Walnut in the late ’90s, our parking facility at Seventh and Mulberry in 2004, and most recently, they provided immediate and essential services after the fire in the Younker’s building in March that damaged our facilities. They have proven over the years they have talent and skills to do this job, and they earned this contract from EMC.” 

“After more than 30 years of working with EMC in developing the EMC campus in downtown Des Moines, I am very proud that Neumann Brothers will be involved in this new project,” says Marshall G. Linn III, president and chief executive officer of Neumann Brothers. “We will not only oversee the construction of the building, but will be part of the team, along with Brooks Borg Skiles, during the development of the design.”

Brooks Borg Skiles Architecture Engineering in Des Moines was selected to design the new facility. Plans as of today include a four-story office building with space for meeting rooms and essential computer, mechanical and printing equipment, a wellness center and tenant space on the first floor facing Walnut Street. 

“Our new building will be created by three local companies,” emphasizes Link. “Keeping the construction dollars in the community, giving Iowans jobs and supporting the local economy is important to EMC. We are over 100 years old, as is Neumann and Brooks Borg Skiles, and we’re committed to the city and its development.”