Neal Smith Federal Building Facade

Categories: Design-Build, Office, Tenant Improvement
Owner: General Services Administration
Size: Exterior Facade Replacement (Overall Building 390,000 sq. ft.)
Year Completed: 2005
Architect: DesignBuild Solutions
Delivery Method: In-House Design-Build

Project Description

This exterior facade replacement project was designed and built by Neumann Brothers. All work was done while the Des Moines building was occupied. The project involved a glass and metal panel curtainwall system designed to improve the appearance of the building as well as the security of the structure.The curtain wall system had to pass rigorous blast-resistance testing; implementing it required coordination of both interior and exterior work. The team employed exacting safety programs and scheduling to work around the cramped space of downtown Des Moines, while keeping the building functional for its occupants.

This project received the 2006 MBI Masters Award, a National GSA Award for Excellence in Project Management, a 2006 Merit Award for Design Excellence, and the DBIA Mid America Chapter Design-Build Award.