Historic Restoration

Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and an ability to meld old-world treasures with modern systems and conveniences are the marks of quality restoration projects. After our decade-long restoration of the Iowa State Capitol building, Neumann earned both the experience and the reputation for exceptional work in bringing historic buildings back to their original grandeur.

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  • Iowa Finance Authority

    Iowa Finance Authority

    Neumann Brothers was awarded both phases of this 30,000 square foot office space renovation. Phase I featured minor demolition and new interior...

  • Iowa State Bar Association

    Iowa State Bar Association

    This project was a restoration/remodel of a circa-1903 railroad freight house into office space for the Iowa State Bar Association. The two-story...

  • Iowa State Capitol

    Iowa State Capitol

    Neumann Brothers has performed several phases of work on the extensive renovation and restoration project at the century-old Iowa State Capitol...

  • Lincoln Terrace

    Lincoln Terrace

    This project represented the restoration of a 20,190 square foot 1900's elementary schoolhouse in Oskaloosa into 15 apartment units and common...

  • Ottumwa Theatre Façade Restoration

    Ottumwa Theatre Façade Restoration

    Neumann Brothers served as the general contractor on the Ottumwa Theatre façade restoration, a collaborative effort of several artisans...

  • Polk County Courthouse Exterior Restoration

    Polk County Courthouse Exterior Restoration

    Neumann Brothers completed the exterior historic restoration of this 100+ year old building. Located in downtown Des Moines, IA, the 20,000 SF...

  • Spaulding Center for Transportation

    Spaulding Center for Transportation

    This project is a rehabilitation of an existing 1905 administrative office building and 1893 warehouse building with a new link structure connecting...

  • Terrace Hill, Exterior Restoration

    Terrace Hill, Exterior Restoration

    Neumann Brothers was contracted to restore the exterior of Terrace Hill, the Iowa Governor's Mansion. The work included repairing and replacing...

  • Terrace Hill, Garden Pergola

    Terrace Hill, Garden Pergola

    For this project, Neumann Brothers reconstructed the historical garden pergola on the Terrace Hill (Governor's Mansion) grounds. The project featured...

  • Terrace Hill, Phase One Restoration

    Terrace Hill, Phase One Restoration

    The focus during this phase of work was to re-roof the copper roof of the mansion and carriage house for Terrace Hill, the Iowa Governor's home....

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