DesignBuild Solutions

Our in-house subsidiary company, DesignBuild Solutions, integrates architectural services with construction capabilities.

Safety First

Adherence to safety practices is mandatory at Neumann.

A site-specific safety manual is developed for every project by our Risk Management Officer, John Neumann, and distributed to the project Owner, superintendent, and on-site subcontractors. Every individual is required to follow jobsite safety procedures. Periodic inspections ensure proper safety measures are in place and being followed. 

Innovative Safety Approaches

  • A foreman assigned as safety supervisor who is responsible for daily safety checks.
  • A weekly "Toolbox Talk" by the jobsite superintendent that covers general and specific safety topics.

Safe Practices in Occupied Work Areas

When construction areas involve occupied space, safety is paramount. Neumann holds meetings with office workers and those adjacent to the construction work to facilitate communication, project phasing, and safety procedures.

  • Neumann completed over $60 million worth of work at the Iowa State Capitol, which remained open for business during all phases of renovation and restoration-a period more than two decades. 
  • The Des Moines Federal Building project encompassed work in a fully occupied building and occupied skywalk access.

Savings Passed to Clients

Neumann's low insurance modification rating reflects its commitment to safety. The safety efforts protect those on and around the jobsite - and the resulting insurance savings are passed onto our clients.

"The more we talk about safety, the less we talk about accidents."

- John Neumann, Risk Management