Blank Park Zoo, Quarantine Building

Categories: Athletic & Recreation
Owner: Mark Vukovich
Size: 10,500 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2011
Architect: WDM Architects
Delivery Method: Negotiated, Design-Assist

Project Description

The Quarantine building is located near the historical Fort Des Moines site. With this in mind, Blank Park Zoo set out to design a building which resembles the existing Fort Des Moines buildings to help preserve this area. This structure consisted of 113 geo piers, a red masonry block structure, exterior EIFS, and a black asphalt shingle roof. Within this building, we installed containment to house all animals from tigers to birds. This facility allows the zoo to quarantine sick animals and help nurse them back to health. It also allows them to bring in new animals for a short time period to ensure they are not carrying any infections that may spread through animals in the exhibits. Once they are cleared of any infections and preliminary reviews, they are able to be released to their exhibits for the public to enjoy. This facility is housed with state-of-the-art containment barriers allowing animal and zoo keeper safety. All animal gates can be operated from a keeper hallway allowing safe pass through for each and every employee. This building is housed with numerous skylights, animal play areas, bird and reptile holding, primate holding, hoof stock holding and a keeper work area for food preparation.