Meredith Corporation, Locust North Office Expansion

Categories: Office
Owner: Meredith Corporation
Size: 253,000 sq. ft. Office; 130,000 sq. ft. underground parking
Year Completed: 1998
Architect: Hebert, Lewis, Kruse, Blunck
Delivery Method: Negotiated, Design-Assist

Project Description

This 253,000 square foot office expansion project for Meredith Corporation received the MidAmerican Energy award for efficiency in design and construction, and the EFCO national job safety award. The building features a four-story aluminum panel, light shelf, and curtainwall design which reduces the building's projected energy cost by 20 percent. An exterior light shelf reflects sunlight into the sloped ceiling, casting natural light deeper into the building. Photocells monitor the amount of sunlight that strikes the shelf and adjust the lights accordingly. This allows the building's systems to supplement natural light with artificial lighting while maintaining a constant light level within the building. In addition to expanding the corporation's office space, this project added an additional 130,000 square feet of underground parking.