Hyperion Field Club Pool

Categories: Athletic & Recreation
Owner: Hyperion Field Club Pool
Size: 6,292 sq. ft. plus 300 sq. ft. lifeguard shack
Year Completed: 2008
Architect: Design-Build Solutions
Delivery Method: In-House Design-Build

Project Description

Neumann provided design-build services for this extensive renovation and expansion of the Hyperion Field Club's swimming pool. The renovation encompassed a little over one acre of land. Project work included salvaging, sandblasting, repairing, and repainting the walls and floors of the existing pool. The new pool expanded the swimming area to the west over the top of the former wading pool and added a water slide, shade canopies, and water fountain "mushroom" to the facility. The finished pool area now covers 6,929 square feet and holds 217,964 gallons of water. Additionally, Neumann built a new 300-square-foot lifeguard shack tucked into a hillside and a sunbathing deck The Pump House remained essentially intact but a new surge tank was constructed immediately north of the house. Aesthetic details included landscaping, a sandblasted image of the club's logo, decorative patio pavers, a stone veneer enhancement to a existing concrete wall, and new sidewalks and retaining walls.