Iowa Speedway

Categories: Athletic & Recreation
Owner: U.S. Motorsport Corporation
Size: 7/8 mile oval track with capacity of 30,000 spectators
Year Completed: 2006
Architect: Paxton Waters Architecture; Design by Rusty Wallace
Delivery Method: Negotiated, Design-Assist

Project Description

This exceptional $49 million racetrack entertainment complex just outside Newton, Iowa, features the first driver-designed track in the nation. NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace helped design the 7/8-mile oval track, which features the new-age SAFER Barrier system around the track. The project also included construction of the 28,000-seat grandstand, under-track drive tunnel, competitors' garage, 5 concession stands, care facility, and 4-story Suites building which houses 28 corporate VIP suites and announcer/ media skybox. Construction of the $49 million facility was fast-tracked to accommodate the seasonal racing schedule.