MedPharm Iowa

Categories: Featured Projects, Tenant Improvement
Owner: Kemin Industries
Size: 14,500 SF
Year Completed: 2018
Architect: FEH Design
Delivery Method: Design-Build

Project Description

Neumann Brothers, Inc. completed a 14,500 SF, three-phased project for MedPharm Iowa. The project converted an empty warehouse into a space for Iowa’s first medicinal cannabis oil factory. The design left the shell of the warehouse and required the team construct a building within the shell essentially creating a building within a building that leaves room for future growth opportunities.

The space contains a secure front office with a conference room; four grow rooms, and a laboratory. The addition of secure glass walls allows for tours without compromising the sterile environments within. The medical grade facility contains special lighting in the vegetation rooms and flower rooms.

The project was completed in three phases in order to meet the timeline to begin growing and distributing as set by the State of Iowa legislation. The first phase was completed and received temporary occupancy by March 30, 2018. In this phase Neumann Brothers built the office space as well as the area for the mother room. The mother room completion was the driver for the temporary occupancy as MedPharm needed to start growing the mother plant by April 1, 2018. Phase two included building the vegetation and flower rooms where the plants will grow until the oil is ready to be extracted. To be able to use this space, again Neumann had to receive temporary occupancy by June 1, 2018 for the plant to be able to grow in these rooms. The project was completed and received the final certificate of occupancy one week early on August 24, 2018. The final phase required the team build out the extraction lab and the labeling, storage, and shipping areas. These areas were critical to allow MedPharm to distribute their product by December 1, 2018.

In addition to exceeding the very tight schedule, Neumann Brothers was able to return a savings to the Owner on the final contract.