Blank Park Zoo, Australia Exhibit

Categories: Athletic & Recreation
Owner: Mark Vukovich
Size: 6,380 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2011
Architect: Connect Architecture
Delivery Method: Negotiated, Design-Assist

Project Description

The Blank Park Zoo and Neumann Brothers partnered to create an Australian Outback experience. The process began by removing the existing structures in the Australia Exhibit and building a new outdoor experience including a Wallaby Barn, a Bird Barn featuring the new Cassowary, and a remodel of the train station. The new structures were built to resemble buildings that have survived in the outback for more than 50 years with weathered siding, wood windows and aged metal roofing. While you experience the exterior resemblance to Australia and sidewalks textured to resemble a native path, you would not anticipate the interior of the buildings are constructed with state-of-the-art animal living spaces including skylights for natural light, radiant flooring, and top of the line mechanical systems to ensure the animals are maintained in conditions similar to their native land. The exhibit also includes exotic fencing barriers for the outback, cassowary viewing and a wallaby exhibit to enhance the viewing experience.