Des Moines Public Schools Career & Technical Center, Phase II

Categories: Education
Owner: Des Moines Public Schools
Size: 54,240 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2010
Architect: RDG Planning & Design
Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Project Description

Neumann Brothers completed the interior demolition of the 3rd floor of a 6-story building. The demolition included block partitions, windows, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, plumbing, stair towers, ceilings and all flooring. Also completed burnished block partitions, a marine biology aquarium center, printing and graphic design lab, photography studio, dark rooms, a television studio, fashion design and merchandising, a radio station, mechanical rooms, restrooms, classrooms, and two 100-foot tall precast stair towers.

Neumann was able to modify the phasing schedule in order to deliver the 1st phase, which included the marine biology center, six months before the specified schedule. This was completed early in order to allow enough time to curate the water for each unique ocean species, allow adequate cure time for pipe adhesives, monitor and adjust water temperatures, move the existing species into their new homes without causing shock and fatalities, and provide appropriate flows for each systems requirement. The marine biology center has been documented as the finest and most sophisticated marine biology center in a high school in the United States.