Cedar Rapids Federal Courthouse

Categories: Historic Restoration
Owner: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
Size: 67,700 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2009
Architect: Substance Architecture
Delivery Method: Negotiated, Design-Assist

Project Description

This painstaking restoration/remodel of a circa-1931 Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, sought to restore the building to its original condition prior to the area's devastating flooding the year before. Neumann Brothers undertook both interior and exterior elements of the scope of work, guided by Iowa's State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Working with both the historical preservation plan and new architectural, electrical, and plumbing designs for the building, Neumann Brothers tackled both the interior and exterior aspects of the job. The exterior work included cleaning of stonework, refurbishing and restoring original wood windows, patching and restoring original stone piers, and landscaping. Inside the 3-story, 67,704 square foot courthouse, the work involved patching original plaster walls and ceilings, restoring historical glazing at plaster coves and replicating interior wood windows, as well as refinishing interior paint treatments to original Munsell colors. The project also involved replicating and replacing existing wood window trim, and re-working and installing existing salvaged doors, frames, and wood trim back to the original openings. Workers installed new marble base to match existing marble, removed and salvaged existing marble wall panels, stripped and refinished existing aluminum vestibules, and restored the original historic mailbox system. Additional upgrades included the installation of a new electrical service and motor control center for the new boilers and existing steam heat system that required repair and re-connection.