The Standard of

Excellence Since 1912.

Neumann Brothers is more than a general contractor, we are builders of Des Moines. We’re neighbors, friends, and life-long Iowans who care about the legacies we leave behind.

Our Values

Our people, genuine caring, exceptional service, steadfast commitment, uncompromising integrity, and accountable for excellence are the values that set the framework for our client relationships. They direct us as we deliver true craftsmanship for our clients and the communities we serve.

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  • Our People

  • Genuine Caring

  • Exceptional Service

  • Steadfast Commitment

  • Uncompromising Integrity

  • Accountable for Excellence

Client Testimonial

Mark Smith

The stunning impressiveness this facility carries, was certainly achieved by the amount of quality and craftsmanship that Neumann Brothers was able to bring to the project. Our hope is that this facility shines a light on the investment the Carpenters are willing to pour into training up the next generation of skilled, professional, profitable men and women in our industry. We will proudly be highlighting Neumann as an outstanding contractor and partner of ours. Thank you again for handing over a building that truly meets the “Standard of Excellence” Neumann Brothers lives by.

Mark Smith Carpenters Local 106