The website for Neumann Brothers has been built to be 100% owned by you, the client. The site has not been “locked-in” to any particular technology or server software.

The content management system has been optimized with you, the owner, in mind. This means commonly-edited text areas and images can be easily edited or replaced.

However, since the site is built responsively and has been tested on numerous devices, the current content structure is vital to maintaining the visual design. This means not all aspects are configurable through the back-end.


Happy Medium will be happy to offer any advice and give you a proposal on additional design work after the original site launch.


The Neumann Brothers site is deployed using a versioned repository. This means that any changes by Happy Medium will overwrite any changes made on-server to PHP, HTML and CSS files.


The software used to implement the website may notify you of updates from various third-party vendors. Happy Medium recommends you consult us before performing any upgrades. Updating software after site launch may cause your site to crash or perform unexpectedly.