Superintendent Curt Small Retires

Superintendent Curt Small Retires

One of our most valued Superintendents, Curt Small, retired this spring after 46 years of experience in the construction industry and 36 years with Neumann Brothers.

Curt first started his career with Neumann Brothers in the mill shop fabricating custom cabinetry and wood trim. Through hard work and dedication he swiftly moved up as carpenter, then carpenter foreman, and lastly spent most of his career leading restoration projects as a superintendent.

Curt comes from a family of builders. Both his father and grandfather were cabinet makers, so he naturally found a passion working with his hands and building things form a very young age. Curt’s strive for excellence in his work can be attributed to his father’s “just do it” mentality. Those who know Curt can attest to his passion for precision and attention to detail in everything he does. After all his hobby is restoring antique clocks.

Since 1984 Curt has watched the construction industry change quite a bit! One of Curt’s favorite things to do was show the younger generations how to calculate percentages using only a ruler; and to see the look of awe on their faces.

Curt’s most memorable project during his time at Neumann was when he worked on the Iowa Speedway. Curt mentioned, “The project pushed him out of his comfort zone and really challenged him. There were 17 buildings going on at the same time making it a very unique project to be a superintendent for.” Curt is very proud of all the projects that he’s worked on throughout his career and especially appreciates the relationships he’s made with our clients and trade partners.

In retirement, Curt plans to spend his time working on his favorite hot rods and traveling to the North Western and North Eastern parts of the United States.

We wish Curt all the best in his future endeavors. We’re sure that Curt’s great work and projects will be around for years to come! Thanks to Curt for the past 36 years.

Bruz Linn and Curt Small Together Time At Neumann Brothers