Construction Services Overview

From projects that shape skylines to builds that forge communities, we approach all projects with the experience that can only be achieved through over 100 years of excellence. We take pride in every project and excel in every market.

New Construction

New Construction

Our people have the knowledge, skill set and commitment to meet your goals and complete a successful project of any kind. Over the past century, Neumann has established a diverse portfolio of new construction project types including commercial, manufacturing, educational, government and recreational buildings throughout Iowa. Whether it’s your first project or one of many, let our expert professionals be a resource that is committed to you and your team.

Lay the Groundwork

Neumann ensures the success of your project by taking a comprehensive approach to the pre-construction process. The right steps in pre-construction help pave the easiest path to your desired results. Our great local relationships with trade partners and collaborative team effort result in us creating an accurate cost and plan analysis. We communicate often to ensure we have the most up-to-date information to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.


Our pre-construction services ensure your project gets off to the right start. Our team sets itself apart by consistently meeting deadlines, producing high-quality work and displaying unrivaled professionalism and accountability.

Design Assist

When Owners directly contract the project design from an architect or engineer, Neumann can assist during pre-construction and construction by providing scope of design style, materials and methods, cost analysis, constructability reviews and budget estimates.

Conceptual Estimating

Neumann forecasts the future cost of a project by reviewing the architect’s contract documents or the work requested for a site. Striving for complete accuracy, our vast experience allows us to insert items in the estimate that may not be shown but will be required during the process. We use the latest estimating technology, tools and historical data to ensure success.

Constructability Analysis

Neumann works with the design team and Owner early on to study the design intent, proposed use, critical components and function of the project. Utilizing our local field employees and management team, we suggest conceptual construction ideas and methods that can improve the project’s functionality and cost savings without compromising the design.

Value Engineering

Implementing our knowledge from our field, estimating and management teams we can accurately forecast the cost of a project and suggest construction methods that can improve a project’s functionality. As part of our service, we utilize our relationship with local trade partners to help identify the most cost-effective opportunities for our team to analyze. Our team works to eliminate and reduce unnecessary costs by suggesting similar, yet more cost-effective materials and services.


Using the project’s conceptual design as a starting point, Neumann creates a timeline that details a line-item breakout of the project’s tasks and costs. Our team works to identify construction durations and lead times for material and equipment along with Owner coordinated items similar to furniture installation, move in and close-out requirements. During the project, we utilize lean methods to complete pull sessions with an on-site foreman to detail day-by-day activities, coordinate and ensure we are being as efficient as possible.

Sustainability & LEED

Neumann can help identify sustainable elements that make the most sense for our client’s buildings. We have 3 LEED Accredited Professional staff members who have built and led clients through all levels of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process and bring years of expertise and experience to any project.

Time to Break Ground

Breaking ground is one of the most exciting parts of a project! Let us help you prepare for this celebration and prepare your team for what’s to come. Neumann specializes in a wide scope of construction services.

Construction Management

As the construction manager, our team represents and works with the project Owner through all steps of your project. We strive to produce a functional and financially viable project that will be completed on time and within the budget to ensure client satisfaction. Our team’s experience in self-performing work and managing all scopes of projects gives us an unique skillset. We provide a knowledgeable team that manages the vendors, schedule and costs. We care about all aspects of the process and will provide you with the exceptional service you expect from Neumann.

Keep it in House

Neumann is a true builder and directly employs carpenters, operating engineers, millwrights and laborers, and generally self-performs work associated with those trades. Relying on our team for project results in increased quality control and enables us to optimize the construction schedule.

New Construction projects
Historic Restoration

Historic Restoration

Historic restoration and renovation are a Neumann specialty. We apply unwavering attention to detail to these projects, a strict adherence to preservation requirements and, when necessary, we travel the country to secure specific materials to achieve the quality and historic authenticity required.

Preserving the Past with a Modern Approach

We originally built many of the historic buildings that still stand throughout Central Iowa. Our multi-generational workfoce will go to any length to provide exceptional service to ensure that our restored buildings maintain authenticity by handing down true craftsmanship skills to ensure that Iowa’s historic buildings stay standing for future generations.

Updates Inside and Out

As we preserve the complex historical elements in a restoration project, we simultaneously modernize the structure’s functional operations – such as fire sprinklers, mechanical, electrical and communication systems. While visual elements of a historic building are restored to its original condition, we make sure the operational elements of a building will meet your demands for years to come.

Historic Restoration projects
Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement

Through precise planning and ongoing communication with project team members, Neumann Brothers can improve an existing space through expansion, renovation or remodeling with little disruption to a business and its employees.

Whether your tenant improvement project is big or small, simple or complex, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you create an environment that will motivate your employees and enhance your business.

Optimizing Your Space for Your Needs

Our local team has the talent, ability and experience to make your vision a reality while you continue to work in your space. Precise planning and constant communication will many times enable us to improve occupied spaces with little disruption to businesses and occupants.

No Project is too Small or Happens at the Wrong Time

We complete tenant improvement projects of all sizes; from new doors to updated lighting, no detail is too small. We know response time is critical, especially in emergency situations. Our community based workforce means that we are always available for your needs and ready when you are. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

One Team for All Your Needs

Whether working with an outside architect or doing the design ourselves, we’re committed to highly coordinated, well scheduled and productive projects producing excellent work. As builders who have the capacity to design and self-preform work we can help you plan for your healthy, optimized and revitalized workspaces. The local resources and exceptional service we provide to meet your needs include:

  • Design services
  • Engineering services
  • Pre-Construction services (estimating, phasing plans and constructability reviews)
  • Construction Management
  • Coordination with Owner’s teams, facility management and surrounding tenants
  • On staff union workers who self-perform the following:
    • Large and small excavation and demolition
    • Concrete foundations, walls, slabs, paving and decorative concrete
    • Carpentry (rough carpentry and all finish carpentry)
    • Installation of doors, windows, specialty products and custom materials (we are DIRTT System Certified installers)
    • Millwright and plant services
Tenant Improvement projects
Plant Services

Plant Services

The Neumann industrial team has what it takes – experience, passion and commitment – to develop creative solutions that meet all aspects of your production schedule and ongoing quality requirements. Since we understand your work, we are able to uniquely approach challenges and coordinate our work for the most effective execution. Our in-house team of skilled craftsmen along with a fleet of specialized equipment and years of plan service experience is the right answer for your project.

Production, Safety, Planning and Execution

Our strong approach to “plan the work and work the plan” helps to ensure that all parties have a voice in the coordination of the project so that it is quickly and effectively completed. When safety execution and confidentiality are required for the job, Neumann is the team you can trust.

A Versatile Team at the Ready

Our craftsmen properly execute projects ranging from handrails, catwalks, concrete repairs, bridge crane and jib cranes to footings and foundations to new buildings and complex equipment moving, setting and rigging. As local craftsmen, we are on-call for our clients and provide quick, viable solutions when untimely breakdowns occur, regardless of the time of day. When planned shut-downs occur, we quickly execute repairs and reconfigurations in a narrow production window as we understand the value of downtime on production equipment.

Plant Services projects
Millwright Services

Millwright Services

When it comes to machinery and equipment, even the smallest mistakes can have major impacts. Our team of skilled millwrights have the experience to remove, replace, relocate or install any piece of equipment or machinery with precision and safety.

Leave the heavy lifting to us (and our 55-ton crane)!

Having built a major portion of Des Moines’ industrial community, we specialize in millwright services for the dismantling, assembly and installation of complex machinery.

Skills at Your Service

We help our clients move, rig, set up or reconfigure their production equipment to fit their needs. Our experienced, dedicated staff works within your schedule and budget needs to achieve results with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Your House, Your Rules

We understand your production and processes are critical. Our team’s knowledge of equipment processes and construction will meet and exceed your goals to maintain production schedules.

Safety is a vital issue for Neumann. We integrate your safety rules and regulations into our on-site safety procedures to match or exceed your requirements and OSHA regulations; keeping everyone around your business safe. Neumann is a safety asset.

Millwright Services projects


With our team approach we can partner with your architect or you are able to use our in-house team.

Our in-house team, DesignBuild Solutions, approach involves our designers, project managers, superintendents, clients and partners from the concept stage to ribbon cutting. The comprehensive start-to-finish approach includes:

  • Pre-design services including master planning, site selection and space analysis
  • Architectural design incorporating state-of-the-art 3-D and 4-D modeling
  • Project code reviews and construction document completion
  • Recommendations for sustainable elements, proactively following the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program
  • In-house analyses of project systems such as wood, steel, concrete and masonry structures
  • Complete pre-construction and construction administration including conducting zoning reviews, reviewing shop drawings and ongoing quality assurance

DesignBuild Solutions integrates architectural services with the commercial construction capabilities of Neumann, creating a single source of responsibility under one roof.

Benefits of Design Build Approach

Singular Responsibility

Keeping your project under one roof allows us to collaborate and drive the success of your project as one team.

Quality Control

When we work on a project as one team, we can ensure that communication is efficient and all details are accounted for.

Time Savings

We can cut back on time spent between conception and construction by keeping projects under one roof

Cost Savings

Time is money. So when our efficient design build team works together, you save money.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Our in-house team approach achieves faster turnaround for submittals by eliminating the need for lengthy back-and-forth exchanges.

Early Knowledge of Construction Costs

When working with separate design and build entities, it’s common for cost estimates to not line up. Our design build process solves this issue.

Improved Risk Management

We generate the documents and construct the building. We are personally invested in ensuring the success of each and every project and the satisfaction of our clients.

Problem Solving

Having the efficiency of our proven process on your project ensures an innovative and collaborative solution for all your needs.

Design-Build projects