Construction Week 2020

Construction Week 2020

This week we celebrate National Construction Week and recognize the hard work of those in the construction industry. These talented individuals build the communities we live and work in every day. Over the past decade, there has been a push for high school students to attend a traditional college. Education is an essential foundation, but we have somehow forgotten about the vast (and highly-paid!) career opportunities in skilled trade. It is important to recognize the variety of opportunities that are available to establish a career beyond a four-year degree.

Construction is not a minimum wage industry. It consists of many jobs that pay more than positions offered to entry-level college graduates with high reports of job satisfaction. Building a career in construction through apprenticeship gives you the chance to learn while you earn and avoid student debt! On average, individuals pursuing apprentice training have a $184,904 financial advantage over individuals pursuing a college degree five years after high school graduation. And the average income for a craft professional after apprentice training is $53,048 with zero student loan debt!*

Did you know that 20% of the construction workforce will retire in the next decade? Hello, career opportunities! Careers in the construction industry are safe, exciting and rewarding options. The Iowa construction industry averages 26% more income than all private sectors in the state and 90% of Iowa construction firms are currently hiring!* The industry has options for everyone. Carpenters, laborers, millwrights, operating engineers and many more! In construction, you won’t chase your dreams – you’ll build them.

Today and every day, we recognize and celebrate the hard work of our industry colleagues. Thank you for building our communities!

*Master Builders of Iowa (MBI)