Iowa State University Stark Performance Center

Iowa State University Stark Performance Center

Neumann Brothers received the 2022 Master Builders of Iowa’s Masters Award for this project in the $25 million+ category! We are so proud of the entire team for their innovation, excellence, and dedication to the state-of-the-art Iowa State Stark Performance Center. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success!

Iowa State Stark Performance Center, North End-Zone Renovation, and Albaugh Family Plaza – Ames, Iowa

Lounge area of locker room with lighted red ceiling and wrap around TV's on the wallNeumann Brothers is honored to be the general contractor for the Iowa State Stark Performance Center, North End-Zone Renovation, and Albaugh Family Plaza project. Neumann’s relationship with the college includes internships, co-operatives, graduates, alumni families, construction projects, and community events that span decades. For 110 years, Neumann has contributed to Iowa’s landscape, and Iowa State University has long held a special place at our company. Together with ISU Facilities, ISU Athletics, and Substance Interior locker room with individual cubby areas for each player and their name plate aboveArchitecture, the Neumann team broke ground in the summer of 2019. The project consisted of 15 phases–the Stark Performance Center, the North End-Zone renovation, and the Albaugh Family Plaza.

The Stark Performance Center (SPC) expanded upon the Bergstrom Football Complex and created multiple spaces for student-athletes to enhance their athletic and academic practices. The SPC features brand new locker rooms, a player’s Strength and Conditioning area with green turf in the middle and work out weight machines on both sideslounge, nutrition center, sports medicine center, life skills center, academic center, dining hall, and staff offices. “We could not be more grateful to all of those who have helped make the Stark Performance Center a reality,” Matt Campbell, ISU Head Football Coach shares. “As we continue to build a football program all of Cyclone Nation can be proud of, this facility will be integral to our process.”

The North End-Zone (NEZ) renovation provides an Exterior of newly created concrete walkway with SPC in the backgroundupgraded experience for students, athletes, staff, and Cyclone fans, including visiting team lockers rooms, cheerleading and referee preparation areas, band bleachers, an interior ticket office, meeting rooms, and additional storage. The Albaugh Family Plaza (AFP) improves the team and fan access to the stadium with a grand entrance, provides a gathering space for fans, and increases accessibility and security with second-level bridge access.

Interior of main entrance with white ISU wall and a red feature wallThese tremendous resources will positively influence current and future students and improve the trajectory of not only their university experience but their success after graduation. “This facility is the largest ever undertaken by our athletics department, and it’s also the largest privately-funded facility on the Iowa State campus,” Jamie Pollard, ISU Athletic Director shares. “This puts in context the support of our generous donors to make this project possible. This project will have a tremendous impact on all 450 student-athletes.”

ISU Football field with scoreboard and buildings in the backgroundThe Iowa State Stark Performance Center, North End-Zone Renovation, and Albaugh Family Plaza project is much more than a state-of-the-art facility. The project represents Neumann’s dedication to the entire state of Iowa. We are not only ISU fans–many of us are alumni. Giving back to the school that gave us the academic training necessary to complete this project was a great accomplishment for the team. The significance of this project is evident to every team member who worked on the project. For some, it’s an opportunity to give back to their alma mater. For others, it’s a chance to open new doors for their children.

Our Neumann team is committed to the communities we live and work in, and we take great care to build legacies for future Iowa generations.