Meet the Interns: Colten Squier

Meet the Interns: Colten Squier

This summer, four Iowa State University students have joined us for hands-on experience in the construction industry. They will work with our project management staff to learn everything from how we bid projects to running OAC (owner-architect-contractor) meetings; from take-off to close-out; from meeting minutes to trade partner contracts. 

Over the next few days we’ll introduce you to each of them and their goals for their future careers and their time with us this summer. So far, they’ve fearlessly dove into every challenge we’ve thrown at them. We on the other hand, are still trying to get used to having a Nebraska fan in the office…

Intern Colten Squier At Neumann BrothersColten just completed his sophomore year at ISU. He grew up in Minnesota and when he’s not working, he enjoys hunting, fishing, snowboarding and playing hockey.

Q: What degree are you pursuing?
A: At ISU, I’m working towards a construction engineering degree with a building emphasis.

Q: What made you choose this path?
A: Growing up I excelled in mathematics and I enjoyed solving problems so I decided I wanted to be an engineer someday. Also, construction was always something I wanted to do. I loved doing small projects around the house – fixing things or putting things together.

Q: How did you get involved in construction?
A: I came to ISU to major in construction engineering. Once there, I joined the AGC (Associated General Contractor) club to network and learn more about the industry. Through AGC, I’ve been able to volunteer for several events that allowed me to learn more about construction practices and processes. Last summer I worked my first construction job. I was a laborer and I learned a lot about the field side and how construction works in the real world. Both of these experiences introduced me to construction outside of the classroom and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both.

Q: What are your future goals in the industry?

A: I’d like to become a superintendent for a well-respected construction company. I want to do my part to better the industry.

Q: What brought you to Neumann Brothers?
A: I’d heard of Neumann through word-of-mouth in my construction classes. I was then able to speak to a few people from Neumann at the ISU career fair. The group representing the company were laid back and easy to talk to. After I interviewed with a few more people I knew that interning here would be a great fit and a great opportunity for me.

Q: What are you most excited for during your internship?
A: I’m excited to further my knowledge and network in the industry so I can become the best engineer I can be. I also think that working with this great group of people will allow me to have a productive summer and I’ll be able to bring back the knowledge I gain here to my classes at ISU.

Q: What challenges do you expect to face?
A: The learning curve that comes with a new environment – learning how everything works and where to find everything is a challenge. Some of the computer programs used here are different than ones I’ve used in the past. I’m excited to tackle them.