Meet the Interns: James McNaughton

Meet the Interns: James McNaughton

This summer, four Iowa State University students have joined us for hands-on experience in the construction industry. They will work with our project management staff to learn everything from how we bid projects to running OAC (owner-architect-contractor) meetings; from take-off to close-out; from meeting minutes to trade partner contracts. 

Over the next few days we’ll introduce you to each of them and their goals for their future careers and their time with us this summer. So far, they’ve fearlessly dove into every challenge we’ve thrown at them. We on the other hand, are still trying to get used to having a Nebraska fan in the office…

James recently finished his junior year at ISU. James hails from Nebraska and would happily talk sports all day long if given the chance.

Q: What degree are you pursuing?
A: I’m at Iowa State University working for a degree in construction engineering with a building emphasis.

Q: What made you choose this path?
A: I like the idea of working on a project where I can show my friends and family an end product that I’m proud of. I also really enjoy the idea of combining the hands-on aspect of construction with the problem-solving aspect of engineering as a profession. After deciding the major I wanted to pursue, Iowa State was a no-brainer. ISU is recognized as one of the best engineering colleges in the nation.

Q: How did you get involved in construction?
A: I mainly got involved through school – taking a few construction and engineering classes and going to clubs like the AGC (Associated General Contractors) and through the ACE Mentorship program. I have also taken a large interest in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for more residential experience and to give back to the community.

Q: What are your future goals in the industry?
A: I want to establish myself as someone who my colleagues can depend on but also have fun with.

Q: What brought you to Neumann Brothers?
A: I’d heard of Neumann in high school and pursued more information when I got to college. I kept an eye out for presentations at club meetings, informational sessions and looked them up at the ISU career fair. Neumann Brothers has a great reputation at Iowa State – my peers and professors all spoke highly of their experiences here – now I get to see why.

Q: What are you most excited for during your internship?
A: I’m looking forward to gaining more knowledge and new perspectives so I can be as useful as possible and help the company move forward and grow in the future.

Q: What challenges do you expect to face?
A: I expect to run into many brand new situations where I can effectively use my skills to overcome uncertainties.

I’m really glad to be here and I greatly appreciate everyone’s warm welcome!