Meet the Interns: Katelyn Adams

Meet the Interns: Katelyn Adams

This summer, four Iowa State University students have joined us for hands-on experience in the construction industry. They will work with our project management staff to learn everything from how we bid projects to running OAC (owner-architect-contractor) meetings; from take-off to close-out; from meeting minutes to trade partner contracts. 

Over the next few days we’ll introduce you to each of them and their goals for their future careers and their time with us this summer. So far, they’ve fearlessly dove into every challenge we’ve thrown at them. We on the other hand, are still trying to get used to having a Nebraska fan in the office…

Intern Katelyn Adams At Neumann BrothersKatelyn just finished her freshman year at ISU. She’s an avid hockey fan and loves being outside in the country with her many animals.

Q: What degree are you pursuing?
A: I am attending Iowa State University to get my degree in construction engineering with an emphasis in building.

Q: What made you choose this path?
A: One of the many reasons I choose Iowa State was its great reputation for creating amazing engineering students. Another reason is that it’s so close to home where I remain actively involved with my community.

Q: How did you get involved in construction?
A: I went through the ACE mentorship program in high school. ACE was my first major introduction to the industry. I started ACE most interested in the architecture/design side but once I understood the many job opportunities within the construction industry I took more interest in the construction and engineering portion. I also had the opportunity to design and build a tiny home and it was then that I realized I most enjoyed the management side of the project.

Q: What are your future goals in the industry?
A: I want to become a Project Manager for a company that deals with interesting and unique commercial buildings.

Q: What brought you to Neumann Brothers?
A: My mentor through ACE introduced me to Neumann Brothers. After looking into the projects they have done, I was intrigued by the many one-of-a-kind projects that they complete.

Q: What are you most excited for during your internship?
A: I am excited to learn as much as I can and then apply to school. Nothing is more important than hands-on experience. Neumann Brothers has done a great job of allowing me to get a glimpse into every aspect of the company and the industry.

Q: What challenges do you expect to face?
A: The main challenge I’m already noticing – is that I’ve only completed one year of University. I have not been introduced to all the programs and terminology used in the work environment yet. However, I am always learning and I know after I complete University, it will be experiences like this that will improve my skills and knowledge most.