Celebrating Construction Week 2022

Celebrating Construction Week 2022

On October 4, 2022, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds officially declared Construction Week with an Executive Proclamation at the Iowa State Capitol, which is currently under restoration and improvement projects by Neumann Brothers. Construction Week recognizes and celebrates the hard work of individuals in the construction industry. These talented men and women build the communities we live and work in every day! Thank you to our state’s leadership for their commitment to Iowa’s construction industry.

Careers in the construction industry are safe, exciting, and rewarding options. Over the past decade, the emphasis on pursuing traditional college experiences has increased–but we often overlook the vast (and high-paying!) opportunities available in skilled trades. Education is essential to a successful career, and it’s important to encourage the upcoming generations to consider opportunities beyond a four-year degree.

Construction is not a minimum wage industry. Many construction jobs pay more than positions offered to entry-level college graduates, with higher levels of career satisfaction. According to Iowa Workforce Development, construction workers take home an average of 25% more than all private sector employees in the state!

Another benefit of building a career in construction is the ability to apprenticeship, providing the chance to learn while you earn and avoid student debt! According to Master Builders of Iowa, the average income for a craft professional after apprentice training is $53,048 with zero student loan debt! Individuals in apprentice training also have a financial advantage of $184,904 over individuals pursuing a college degree five years after high school graduation.

Did you know that 20% of the construction workforce will retire in the next decade? Hello, career opportunities! The industry has options for everyone, including carpenters, laborers, millwrights, operating engineers, and more. In the AGC-Autodesk Workforce’s 2020 Survey, 79% of Iowa construction firms and 60% of U.S. construction firms had unfilled hourly craft positions available. You won’t chase your dreams in construction–you’ll build them!

Join Neumann as we celebrate Construction Week and honor the hard-working professionals in the industry! By demonstrating appreciation for our colleagues, we simultaneously increase the visibility of the construction industry in our communities.