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Women in Construction Week celebrates, educates, and promotes the role of women in the construction industry. Neumann Brothers is proud to shine a light on the women of Neumann and celebrate their many talents and achievements. We invite you to learn more about Elvia Rojas-Perez, Emma Temple, Crystal Frye, and Jody Brown!

Elvia Rojas-Perez, Journeyman Laborer

Elvia Rojas-Perez works at Neumann in Des Moines, IA. When Elvia joined Neumann five years ago, she was fresh out of high school with no prior construction experience. Reflecting on that time, Elvia shares, “Choosing a career in construction is the best decision I’ve ever made! A construction career offers great pay and benefits, and there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you complete a project.” 

As a Journeyman Laborer, Elvia enjoys learning from experienced Neumann professionals. She appreciates how they take the time to teach new skills and foster relationships, creating both a fun and safe work environment.

Emma Temple, Journeyman Laborer 

Emma Temple works at Neumann in Des Moines, IA. Emma joined the Neumann team in 2015 after completing her high school construction program. She enjoyed working with her hands from a young age, and the construction industry was a perfect fit. Emma’s favorite part about her job is historical restoration work. “Historic restoration is extra rewarding because you are building something new for the next generation while also preserving the integrity of the past.” Emma is proud of all the projects she’s worked on, but her favorite is the Iowa State Capitol.

Crystal Frye, Journeyman Laborer

Crystal Frye works at Neumann in Des Moines, IA. Crystal began her career in construction six years ago and wishes she had started sooner! She loves every part of working as a Journeyman Laborer and enjoys the rewarding process of transforming projects from concept to reality. “I appreciate the vast amount of knowledge the Superintendents share and pass down to the upcoming generation,” Crystal shares. “It gives every Neumann person a chance to learn and improve their skills!”

Jody Brown, Carpenter Foreman

Jody Brown works at Neumann in Des Moines, IA. Jody is a Carpenter Foreman with over 25 years of experience with Neumann! She has certainly left her mark in the construction industry and the Des Moines skyline and is most proud of her work on the big dome on the Iowa State Capitol building. Jody is passionate about the construction industry and supports the upcoming generation’s ambitions. “I would encourage female students to just go for it and give it 100%, no matter what career path you choose.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!