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This week, Neumann Brothers celebrated National Construction Safety Week. The theme for this is Be Present, Be Focused, Be Safe. Construction Safety Week is an excellent opportunity to showcase our steadfast commitment to safety and building a stronger, safer industry together.

Be Present

Practicing self-awareness and minimizing distractions is essential to creating a safe work environment. Safety goes beyond wearing hard hats and glasses. Between work, family, and everything in-between, it’s common to experience distractions both in your physical environment and in your mind. Every day, we must actively listen to instructions, eliminate external distractions, identify potential concerns, and practice awareness to maintain a safe work environment. 

Be Focused

Maintaining a safe work environment requires minimizing risk every day. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. It’s important to recognize and adjust when our minds are not entirely focused while completing a work task. Monitoring your surroundings, following safety procedures, and having your team member’s backs on the job are always of the utmost importance. Neumann is committed to programs, procedures, and a work environment that reinforces safety for every team member. 

Be Safe

Keeping a healthy body and mind is necessary when taking a comprehensive approach to safety. Supporting a healthy mind and body includes maintaining a well-balanced diet, getting 8 hours of sleep every night, and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Every day on-site, we perform our Stretch & Flex exercises to ensure the team is warmed up and ready to get the job done safely! In addition, we provide over 3,000 hours of safety training every year, execute weekly safety audits, and utilize third-party resources to evaluate our job sites. 

Thank you for joining Neumann in celebrating National Construction Safety Week! Today and every day, let’s have our team members’ backs and continue finding ways to support one another–both on and off the job site. Our people are an essential part of the Neumann team, and it’s critical we provide resources and support to keep our team safe and healthy. Together, we’ll continue to build a stronger and safer industry.