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Neumann Brothers was pleased to have Jonah Vicker join our internship program this summer. Jonah is currently attending Iowa State University pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering. Born and raised in Ankeny, Iowa, Jonah enjoys spending time with his friends and family and staying active outdoors by running and fishing.

Jonah’s first exposure to the construction world was when his father built their family’s home in elementary school. During high school, Jonah joined the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Mentorship Program. Neumann’s Business Development Manager, Josh Braby, led the ACE Program at Jonah’s high school and became his mentor. “ACE sparked my interest in the construction industry,” Jonah remarks. “It’s cool to see how different teams performing their tasks come together to accomplish a common goal.”

Jonah is a member of Iowa State University’s Associated General Contractors (ACG) group and will be the Membership Director on the cabinet this upcoming school year. While attending college, Jonah’s ACE Program friend and Neumann intern and co-op, Katelyn Adams, shared how much she enjoyed her experience at Neumann. “That’s when I decided to intern at Neumann,” Jonah reflects.

When asked about his favorite aspect of the internship, Jonah shares, “The people you get to work with. Everyone treats you as an actual employee–not just an intern. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and I feel part of the team.” Jonah’s favorite Neumann project is the Iowa State Performance Center, especially after touring the facility. During his time at Neumann, Jonah worked with our team on projects at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens and the Grand Trees Apartments.

Jonah shared what he’d like to bring with him from this internship experience. “I want to be able to look back and say I’m part of something–part of something bigger. Working with a company like Neumann leaves its mark on Des Moines, Iowa State University, and Central Iowa.” We are proud to have had Jonah on our team this past summer, and we are excited to announce that he will be re-joining our team as a co-op in the summer and fall of 2022!