Safety Spotlight: Employee Wellness

Safety Spotlight: Employee Wellness

This December, we are highlighting the importance of Employee Wellness with our Stretch & Flex Program. Neumann’s Safety Manager, James Machamer, provides great information for maintaining and improving employee health—both on and off the job!

Promoting Safety & Wellness

Recent research shows companies who combine their safety programs with wellness initiatives as a “workplace health protection and promotion program” may enhance the overall health and well-being of their employees and lead to decreased workplace illness and injury. This same research indicates that both health protection (safety) and health promotion (wellness programs like Stretch & Flex) can be more effective when implemented together.

Neumann is continually working to build a robust safety program with an emphasis on health protection. Hosting company-wide safety training, promoting personal protective equipment (PPE), and expanding safety initiatives and health promotion activities all help strengthen employee wellness. Combining safety and wellness is critical to remaining productive—both individually and as a group. We all need each other to be safe!

StNeumann employees demonstrating a variety of body stretchesretch & Flex Program

EMC Insurance offers several ideas for incorporating safety and wellness into the workplace, including a pre-shift “Stretch & Flex” program. The Stretch & Flex program is designed specifically for the tasks Neumann employees perform throughout their workday. This year, we have found great success with Stretch & Flex and it is becoming a mandatory part of our teams daily routine. Office staff, leadership, and field employees will be kicking off 2022 stretching and flexing!